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Plot No. 348, Forest Hill Area, Kingalu Road, Morogoro,Tanzania

Before EAMCEF came in, we never had enough budget for boundary clearance, we could only clear a small portion. Support from EAMCEF has made it possible to clear up to 6 KM nature trails that are currently being used by tourists to reach unique attractions, especially nocturnal chameleons and frogs. Because of EAMCEF support, we are experiencing increased number of tourists – for example, in 2014/15 we had 153 visitors, 635 in 2015/16 and 763 visitors by November 2017…this goes hand in hand with increased revenue. EAMCEF support has increased our visibility at both national and international levels. our focus was initially on protection of the forests for water catchment services and little advertisements were done, but through EAMCEF we managed to produce communication materials, TV and radio programmes. This support has enhanced close participation of local communities in forest management activities. We normally employ local communities from 20 surrounding villages to help up with clearance of nature trails, we pay them a small token as a compensation [for labour and time]. It would have been very expensive to accomplish these tasks if we were to hire people from outside the area. Through this support, we trained local tour guides from the surrounding villages, of which a guide gets 60% of the guiding fee, 20% goes to respective village governments, while the remaining 20% is retained at Amani Nature Reserve. Local communities participate effectively in forest patrols through their respective environmental committees, small income obtained from patrols incentivizes continued cooperation from local communities, thereby reducing illegal activities.

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