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Plot No. 348, Forest Hill Area, Kingalu Road, Morogoro,Tanzania

The Nguu Mountains are found in the newly formed Kilindi District in Tanga region. This mountain block ranges up to 1550m altitude. Human population density is high, about 25,890, and increasing as people move from more populated areas in Districts further north. Most areas of forest outside the reserve network or small patches of forest set aside for traditional purposes have been cleared for farmland.

The Nguu mountains contains 11 catchment Forest Reserves with Eastern Arc forest (Kilindi, Kwediboma, Mkuli/W. of River, Mkuli Extn., Mkongo, Mbwegere, Nguru North, Derema, Pumula, Rudewa South, Jungu). These total around 30,337 ha. The forest of these mountains is primarily sub-montane in character, grading into lowland forests around the mountain bases and along watercourses. Lowland trees include Milicia excelsa and Khaya anthotheca, and sub-montane forests are dominated by Newtonia buchananii with other species such as Albizia gummifera.


7 Eastern Arc endemic species occurring.

The biodiversity value of the Nguu Mountains is only moderate according to current knowledge, with seven Eastern Arc endemic species occurring. For trees there are six Eastern Arc endemic species recorded. However, these forests are amongst the poorest known of any in the Eastern Arc and further species are likely to be present.


The main threats to these forests are fire, agricultural encroachment, logging and gold mining in some reserves.

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