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Plot No. 348, Forest Hill Area, Kingalu Road, Morogoro,Tanzania +255 (0) 23 293-4274


The Eastern Arc Mountains forests are under considerable pressure due to various human activities as a result of increased population. Threats leading to biodiversity loss include expansion of human settlements, shifting cultivation, forest fires, extraction of wood for commercial and domestic uses, gold mining, dry season grazing, extraction of non-wood forest products including honey, fruits, medicines, natural ropes, resins, mushrooms and game hunting. Whereas requirements for financial resources necessary for effective conservation of the Eastern Arc Mountains are quite enormous, the financial position of EAMCEF is currently very modest. Thus, EAMCEF needs to mobilize more resources from all possible sources so as to increase its capital base as well as enhance its capacity to finance its operations and programme activities.
In order for the resource mobilization efforts to be plausibly effective, aggressive fundraising, promotion and marketing, engagement and visibility activities needs to be concurrently undertaken. This will be possible only if the now vacant position will be filled by a right candidate. EAMCEF is thus seeking for a suitably qualified and expertly competent Tanzanian to fill in the vacant position of Resource Mobilization Officer (RMO). The successful RMO will be based at the EAMCEF Head Office in Morogoro Municipality and will be expected to spend ample time traveling for fundraising and resource mobilization, visibility and engagement as well as promotion and marketing activities and operations of the EAMCEF.

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