Chawia Forest in the Taita Hills
shrouded in mist

This mountain block is the only Eastern Arc block found in Kenya. It ranges up to 2,209 m altitude. We take the greater Taita Hills to include, Taita Hill, Mt Kasigau and Mt Sagala.

The forests of the Taita Hills are tiny and heavily fragmented. Twelve forest fragments remain together with some plantation forests that contain some elements of natural vegetation. The total forest coverage is around 300 ha, which is a 90% reduction since 1950.

White-eye in Taita Hills

Threats to the Taita Hills are numerous, but are primarily focused around the small patches of remaining forest, surrounded by agricultural people who need farm land , firewood and building materials. The highly fragmented state of the forests also means that species are threatened purely through being found only in small and isolated pockets of forest where single events could wipe the species out.